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Veteran Service Connected

At Veteran Service Connected, we are passionate about taking care of our Veterans and we are dedicated to providing a service that ensures each Veteran we work with receives the disability rating they deserve.

We help Veterans navigate the complex VA disabilities benefit process by giving you a thorough medical assessment. We also assist with filling out DBQ’s accurately and with maximum detail so you receive the benefits you’ve earned.

Veteran Service Connected

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

After submitting your online inquiry, one of our associates will call you directly to review your service connected disabilities. We will make a determination whether our service is the correct fit for your claim. If not, we will suggest other methods that may yield better results.

Veteran Service Connected

Doctor Completes DBQ

Doctor Completes DBQ

If you elect to use our service, we will schedule an appointment for you to speak with a medical provider. The medical provider will review your service-connected disabilities, perform the necessary exams, and complete your Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ).

Veteran Service Connected

Submit Your Claim

Submit Your Claim

We will return your completed DBQ(s) with helpful instructions in regards to filing your claim. You will need to submit your claim to the Veterans Affairs. The VA will review your claim and award you a higher disability rating if warranted.

Free Consultation

We will review your case, your past applications, and your current disability rating to see if you could be missing out on benefits you deserve. We will also answer any questions you have about what Veteran Service Connected can do to increase your rating.

Latest Testimonials

We strive to deliver excellent customer service to our patients. Check out what other Veterans have to say about their experience using Veteran Service Connected:


This is a company that’s really helping Veterans every single day and it’s exciting to be part of. Veteran Service Connected is firmly committed to helping Veterans get what they deserve. This’s one of the best investment I have made since I retired from the military, a company that really cares about Veterans. Christina was fantastic throughout the process, from start to finish, from the time I uploaded my results on eBenefits, it took a week and two days, and I had a 100% totally. I highly recommend them! Thanks,Veteran Service Connected!


“Finally, a company that does what it says. From start to finish it only took a couple of weeks. Christina was great throughout the process, my results (which is what they thought they could do) took three days before I could see them on eBenifits. I am a huge fan and would highly recommend them!”


“Dealing with the VA was such a pain. They’re either overworked, poorly managed, or simply don’t care about Veterans with disabilities. Veteran Service Connected made it so easy to navigate the system. Not only professional, courteous and helpful, but; successful as well. Thanks, Veteran Service Connected!”


“Working with Veteran Service Connected was great. They took the time to answer all my questions, walked me through the steps, and kept up with the entire process. I especially liked the step-by-step directions including supporting screenshots of how to navigate through the convoluted VA system. Furthermore, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. If you are looking for expert help, look no further, you have come to the right place.”


“Hands down the best service I ever got for my VA claim. I was shocked at the fast turn around time too. I refer them to anyone that I know that needs help with their VA claim. I can’t thank Veteran Service Connected enough for what they did for me.”

Floyd S.

“Veteran Service Connected was very helpful. I have been trying to increase my VA Disability since 1986. Recently, I have been able to increase my disability from 0% to 80% after many attempts. Veteran Service Connected was able to increase my disability to 90% within a month. I wish I knew of them earlier, it would have save me time and money. They are the best and I recommend Veteran Service Connected to every Veteran who is having problems with their VA Disability. THANK YOU Veteran Service Connected.”

Galen S.

“I just had to write and thank you again for all your help with my VA claim. I just received my new disability rating from the VA. It went from Thirty percent to Eighty percent. It will help me stay in my home. This was needed so much. I’ve been disappointed so much by the red tape the VA demands, and was so frustrated. From my first contact with you, I’ve felt at ease. Your true professionalism, and honest caring meant so much to me. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Woody F.

“To be honest, I was VERY skeptical about Veteran Service Connected when I first discovered it on the internet. I tried to research them and found very little information. I was afraid to spend my money on a scam. ALL the people that I talked to on the phone seemed to be very knowledgeable and professional. I was told their success performance results. They said that “no news, is good news.”. Made sense. If people were getting ripped off, there would be complaints. I decided to take a chance. Boy, am I glad that I did! I was originally rated at a total VA disability of 50%. Veteran Service Connected got that increased to a total of 80%! Start to finish, 2 weeks. I was amazed. I highly recommend Veteran Service Connected. USN Retired.”

Julius K.

“I just want to once again said thanks to you and the folks at Veteran Service Connected. You did such an amazing job of taking me step by step and holding my hand through the entire process. I was so shocked when I went on my eBenefits account today because you had told me I should get about 90% but when I saw 100%, I almost cried. I could not wait to call and share the good news. Nicola, you were like my personal angel from start to finish all the way even submitting everything for me when my computer didn’t want to act right. You guys are truly what ever Veteran needs that may be struggling getting the benefits they deserve, and I will do my best to share this information with every Veteran I know. God speed to you all and if there is ever anything I can do for you just pick up the phone and I will be there. Thanks a bunch.”

Ronald and Nancy S.

“I am very pleased with the services and professionalize that Veteran Service Connected provided my wife and I. We have been dealing with the VA for at least 11 yrs trying to get answers and re-evaluation for service connected disability. I learned about Veteran Service Connected from overseas contractors such as myself. We contacted Veteran Service Connected Feb 2018 and filed both my wife and I medical document for a increase VA rating.

Lord be hold my wife retired 2011 with only 10% rating, within 35 days Veteran Service Connected assisted us with her claim and she’s currently 80%. As stated above, I retried 2007 with a 20% rating exactly 90 days later (08 May 2018) I am currently 100% totally and permanently disable. I RECOMMEND ALL VET’S TO UTILIZE Veteran Service Connected SERVICES!!!! Thanks Christina, Nicola, and the entire Veteran Service Connected Team!!!!!!”

John H.

“I will be very honest, when I was contacted by the first company that referred me to Veteran Service Connected , I was skeptical and concerned about being scammed. Christina was very honest up front, she shared that if my current disability was correct from the VA then Veteran Service Connected was not able to help, but after our conversation she shared with me that she felt the current disability rating was incorrect, and that she and Veteran Service Connected could help. The process does take some time, you do have to complete paperwork and you will be scheduled for a appointment with a provider. And then you have to submit your DBQ’s and application to the VA, and then wait for the VA to complete their findings, the entire process took several months. But the VA did give me my correct disability rating, So yes I was very skeptical, but Veteran Service Connected is honest and will help you if they can, if they cannot they will tell you. I only wish I had known of this earlier.”

Larry K.

“I would like to thank Veteran Service Connected for the wonderful job in helping me with my benefit increase. I thank the team for the passion I received.”

Merry P.

“Thank you Veteran Service Connected !!!!! For all the help you and the whole staff has given me. My ratings increased 60% (from 30% to 90%). Thanks again!

Mark D.

“I would like to think everyone involved in helping me increase my disability rating. Everyone at Veteran Service Connected did a fantastic job during the entire process. It is very hard to find people that care about Veterans as much as Veteran Service Connected . From Christina, to Andra and Nicola. With such fantastic service, I took it upon myself to get Veteran Service Connected more business. As I work in a call center and talk to Veterans all over the world. I have also provided insight to Veteran Service Connected when something is down. Can’t forget the doctor out of new mexico who did the DBQ that resulted in my claim. In closing, I hope that we shall continue this relationship bond that we have formed. And I highly, highly recommend Veteran Service Connected for any Veteran needing help with their claims.”

Cleofe A.

“I received my disability rating of 100%. Thank you so much for your diligent and accurate work. I spread the word to my fellow shipmates about the outstanding job you all provided to the military folks as a token of my appreciation.”

JoAnne W.

“When Veteran Service Connected says they will help you…. they will! I’ve tried going through the VA for my increase and nothing happened, but from the moment I contacted the company, they hit the ground running. Veteran Service Connected was able to increase my disability from 40% to 100% within a months time frame. This is an outstanding company and I will send every Veteran there way without hesitation. Thank you ladies so much for what you guys have done for me and other Veterans out there needing your help! THANKS, Veteran Service Connected!!!”

Dr. Chris

“The staff at Veteran Service Connected is phenomenal. I must admit that when I first heard about the services that were offered, I was reluctant although I believed that I was not getting the treatment deserved at the VA. Veteran Service Connected truly cares about Veterans. I was rated at 90% and needed just a few more percentage to get 100%. I filed for increases on my back condition and a scar received from surgery. They were able to get my back increased substantially and well above what I was expecting. The VA has now classified me as permanent and total disabled. Veteran Service Connected will let you know upfront whether they believe that they can help you. Now, that’s service that you can believe in!! Thank you guys again for a job well done. Please do not stop helping Veterans. I will tell everyone that I know that you guys are heaven sent. Also, please feel free to have any people who need advice or references to contact me.”

Angel L.

“Although skeptical at first, Christina evaluated my current service-connected disabilities and informed me on what she thought I would qualify for. I was still skeptical but decided to give Veteran Service Connected a chance to get me an increase on my current service-connected disabilities which most were rated at 0%. The increases I received were exactly what Christina thought I would get. One of the best decision I ever made well worth it. Christina and Nicola are very knowledgeable on how the VA system works. They guided me through the process all that is required is a little patience. I am currently employed, I don’t have time to be fooling with VA on trying to get me the increase on disabilities. Veteran Service Connected was a great choice for me. No regrets! I have already recommended other Veterans to Veteran Service Connected. Keep up the good work on helping Veterans getting what they rightly deserved!”

Steven D.

“I was introduced to Veteran Service Connected from a co-worker and of course I was hesitant at first but, when I made the first call I was hooked. The customer service was outstanding and if they cannot assist the staff will tell you as to not waste your time. But once the process began there wasn’t no wasted motions, no long time lapses and the suggestions that were given SPOT ON. I will and do recommend Veteran Service Connected to all personal who would like to increase their disability in the near future.”

Craig R.

“I have tears as I send this note. We did it!!! My VA rating was raised to 100%. I thank everyone of you for your work!”

Stephen M.

“Veteran Service Connected has a process that works! They also have an expert staff that guides you through each step of the process. They provide clear instructions that make navigating the VA claims website much easier. My claim was settled quickly and the result could not have been better! Every member of the Veteran Service Connected staff was very helpful, very professional and very positive!”

Mark L.

“Ever heard of Veteran Service Connected? They are the real deal! I went from 40 to 70% in less than 3 months start to finish and it couldn’t have been easier. My service connected disability got worse over time, yet I still didn’t apply for an increase in my disability rating due to the dread of dealing with the VA. You know the drill – appointment after appointment with different providers getting nowhere fast. Trying to gather medical evidence and not knowing exactly what was needed. Then I discovered Veteran Service Connected by chance. I had never heard of them before. I was skeptical at first, but after talking with them, I quickly realized that they knew the VA process inside and out. They walked me through the entire process and the results speak for themselves. Does their service cost? Yes. But their fee is peanuts compared to what you get for the rest of your life. This retired Air Force First Sergeant gives Veteran Service Connected two thumbs up!”

Donnie B.

“Veteran Service Connected has been of excellent service to me. I can’t thank them enough. The staff at Veteran Service Connected are fantastic, very respectful, knowledgeable and helpful. I was at the same disability rating for over ten years, and I worked with so many other Veterans disability representatives without any success. Within less than a year of working with them, I was able to improve my disability rating with much success. I’ve recommended Veteran Service Connected to many fellow Veterans who have also had great success with them and they can’t thank me enough. They helped change my life financially which helps to relieve a lot of stress. Many thanks to everyone at the Veteran Service Connected team. Excellent service, staff and experience. Thank You!”